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  • Unique Targeting
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  • Incredible Returns
  • Prices Starting From £400 pcm

Our Pay Per Click advertising services offer a straightforward approach to PPC marketing. We review your businesses online prescence,  product/service offerings and your businesses growth plans and focusses to build unique pay per click campaigns with clearly defined targets. Building a campaign that will individually target potential customers to every area of your business seperately while keeping the right balance to make your growth plans achievable in the order you want to achieve them.

We achieve an average acquisition cost reduction of 54%.

Our deep background of data science and analysis places us in the perfect position for pay per click campaigns. It is the original sole service we offered to clients and continues to be our highest performing service. Using our advanced approach to data analytics we use tools like Google search console, Google Analytics, Google Adwords advanced analytics and various third party programs and in-house algorithms to build the perfect campaign for our Google Adwords clients every time. For Amazon Advertising campaigns we focus on various third party tools and in-house algorithms and tools to build incredibly powerful campaigns.

The approach we take focusses on the three main aspects of PPC. These aspects are Targeting, Copy/Ad Content and Landing page content. 

We use these three factors to make sure the advertisements we produce match perfectly to your target market, that the copy will draw them in and tie in perfectly with the landing pages you use. These three factors placed together creates aquisition costs that are 54% lower than the average campaign, scoring relevance scores of 9/10 or higher and achieving a cost per click (CPC) over 40% lower than average. In terms of Amazon performance our average advertising cost of sale (ACoS) is 8%.

With all of our Google Adwords campaigns, we also have the option available to extend your campaigns to the Google Display Network (GDN) for our eligible clients. This additional boost and greatly improve your acquisition costs while extending your reach to a grossly underused aspect of Google’s advertising options.

We will provide you with high-level executive reports that will outline where your budget is going and what return you’re experiencing from all the elements of your campaign without having to dig and dig for it. Simplicity is a big factor for us. We don’t do business to justify and over-complicate things.

We do business to get you customers, and we get you customers because we’re good at what we do.

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