Our History

Graceful is a truly unique digital marketing agency, in many ways, and we’re not just saying that. Our main differentiation is that every senior member of the Graceful team was originally either a professional Data Scientist or Senior Data Analyst. This gives us additional knowledge in both interpreting and collecting data that means we can make decisions with more confidence and more accuracy than most other options. This additional level of ability is what we believe drives our impressive and consistent digital marketing results.

We are a UK based digital marketing agency with team members based all over the country. We are a big believer in agile and flexible working practices, believing strongly that a persons skill should determine where they work, not their location. Keeping our team happy is hugely important to us, and it inspires some amazing results. We currently have team hubs in Leeds, London, West Midlands (Staffordshire), Liverpool and Newcastle.

Graceful has been in operation since 2013, starting in the US & Canadian markets with an incredible year on year performance. Originally offering only PPC services and having a small team of 4 we expanded our skillset to offer a fuller range of services to our clients while maintaining the same level of expertise we pride ourselves on, landing at the current list of services we provide now. We will only ever provide a service if we believe we can do it better than our competition. In 2018 we expanded our services to focus more exclusively on the UK market, securing UK clients in many different sectors with insane success. In 2019 we continue on this path and maintain that our long term plan will be to develop our UK client base.

Our current team consists of a range of experts in Strategy planning, Data analysis, Pay per click, Copywriting, Graphic design, Social media, Website design & development, Branding and Sales funnels. If you’re interested in joining our team then you can view our current openings on our careers page.

Our Philosophy

As businesses develop it’s crucial to have a clear vision to maintain growth, because of this we believe in three strong principles that we always follow. These principles have contributed to the total success and sustainable performance of our work. We value keeping strict adherence to these philosophies above all else, so you always know what you’ll receive with our work.

Believe in Success. In both work and life, to be successful, it’s important you enjoy what you do, because of this we only work with clients we can believe in. We know we will be a lot more committed to their success if we honestly want them to succeed. There is already enough toxicity in the world, we don’t want to add to it in any way. Promoting this ethical view of business is part of what we believe leads to the amazing and consistent results we deliver and the happiness of both our team and our clients.

Data Doesn’t Lie. With a strong history of Data Science we know the one thing data doesn’t have is an opinion. It can only tell us facts, if we like what it’s telling us or not, we know that data doesn’t lie. We use advanced analytics to use everything our client’s data is telling us to make sure the best possible decisions are made for each client on their own merit. We only make a change if there is evidence to show us it’s a better option, we don’t rely on “gut feeling” or guesswork. This principle is also maintained by making sure every client has the best monitoring tools in place every time, so we get the full story, not just the highlights.

Success Is Scalable and Flexible. With the current global economy and drastic changes in the way business is conducted you have to be prepared to adapt to succeed. This applies to all areas of business, so we build our own internal structure and also all of our client’s projects in a way that will allow it to handle rapid change better than anything else we’ve seen. We have the ability to scale rapidly without failing performance (300% month on month) and adapt to new situations without delay (complete shifts in objectives within 24 hours).

Our Process

Our methodology is both simple and effective. While we use advanced and technical techniques to make sure we are consistently delivering the highest quality results, we keep our process as simple as possible for our clients. We make sure you can always view your campaign performance and easily understand what it’s telling you.

From start to finish our process is simple to follow and with every client receiving their own dedicated account manager we can guarantee that all of our clients are always be aware of what is happening and why. We provide a much wider service than just marketing.